BGIS Direct

Our turnkey solution streamlines the construction process from conception to handover.

BGIS Direct is a self-perform construction service where our team performs the design and construction of projects to ensure costs savings, reduced timelines and improved quality. Leveraging our in-house expertise in integrated facilities management, project delivery services, workplace solutions, self-perform and asset management, BGIS Direct is an ideal model for projects including solar, LED upgrades, Internet of Things sensors, and HVAC.

Underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, BGIS Direct aims to support the sustainability goals of our clients by developing initiatives to deliver on their targets. This transparent design and construction management model promises a range of great benefits to clients, including:

•   Turnkey and lower overall cost to implement

•   True ownership of promised system performance

•   Improved comfort and responsiveness to issues

•   Focussed on lifecycle benefit vs. first cost – maintenance, environmental, ongoing operation and cost

•   Reduced timelines through design build process

•   Full disclosure of all costs

•   Higher site presence